Stefania Gil Surface & Seamless Pattern Designer | Creative Entrepreneur

Hi! I’m Stef.

I am Venezuelan, and as far as I can remember, I’ve been drawing and painting.

I recall that my first mural was done when I was eight years old, on one of the walls of my house, with my mom’s consent, of course! 

That drawing, which seemed enormous to me at the time, was nothing more than a little house with a tree and some grass. There were also clouds in the sky, as is typical for children of that age to draw.

Don’t think that it was a mural showcasing advanced artistic skills for my age. It was the most basic and flat representation, and yet, it was very special to me.

The next major project I undertook was my own bedroom.
I was probably around 15 years old, and I lost interest in the color pink. I was already a teenager, and my tastes were starting to change as I was looking for my identity. Since then, black and white combinations have been my favorites. 

So, I painted and decorated my entire room, alternating between black and white walls with splashing touches of their opposites on each wall. Oh! And I remember that the curtain had a pattern of romantic motifs, but it too was black and white.

In 1998, it was my turn to start taking life “seriously” and think about my future.

Studying fashion design was my desire, but +25 years ago, such studies in Latin America seemed like a fantasy.

So, I decided to study Graphic Design, finding a particular interest in illustration, specifically pointillism, and the creation of symmetric and asymmetric patterns. 

Unfortunately, there is not even a photo of that room. Before we didn’t have the obsession of taking pictures of everything we did 🙂

The teachers of that time didn’t understand the impact of their words on their students, as their comments could potentially create limitations. As a result, I received several comments from some of my professors that led to insecurities, making me feel inadequate to succeed as a designer and illustrator.

Believing that I wouldn’t excel in this field, I left the world of design behind once I completed my studies. 

However, I never stopped creating through other mediums. 

I had an esoteric store because I love all things supernatural, and it was through this store that the energetic jewelry brand Namasté was born, of which I was a co-creator. 

Years later, I learned to sew and became the founder of Mandorla Bags, a brand of tote bags.

After that, I was completely captivated by writing.

Writing, creating worlds and characters, kept me busy for over 10 years during which I self-published over 30 contemporary romance and paranormal romance novels in my native language: Spanish. Some of these were translated into English, Portuguese, and Italian.

In 2012, my daughter was born, and I created my second major creative endeavor —and the most special one I’ve ever undertaken: a mural for her room. Unknowingly, this reconnected me with my creative side through images.

In 2020, I founded an online book cover design studio, which I still maintain.

The demand for premade covers is high, and I thoroughly enjoy designing covers that can unexpectedly align with other people’s stories.

Of course, I also work one-on-one with writers if they require my services to design custom covers.

It was in December 2022 when I decided to reinvent myself and step away from writing because I no longer felt comfortable in that role. So, I dared to pick up the path I shouldn’t have abandoned: illustration and, above all, pattern design.

Now I am surrounded by colors, textures, and ideas that I want to bring to life. 

The other day, I read on Elizabeth Silver’s webpage that: 

“The right art elevates a product from good to ‘I can’t live without you’” 

I identified so much with this because yes, I am a designer,
but I am also a buyer, and I understand the depth of that statement. 

And this is exactly what I aim for in this new stage of my life:
to have the ability to bring joy, excitement, and inspiration to your spaces
—and to your life—, through my designs.