Hey there! I’m Stef, a Venezuelan artist who’s been doodling and painting since forever.

My artistic journey kicked off at eight when I convinced my mom to let me paint a mural on our wall—a simple scene with a house, a tree, and some fluffy clouds.
Fast forward to my teenage years, and I was all about revamping my bedroom with black and white walls because, you know, pink just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Even though I initially wanted to dive into fashion design, I found my groove in Graphic Design, especially digging into illustration and funky patterns.

Sure, I had some bumps along the way, thanks to a few not-so-encouraging comments, but I didn’t let that stop me. I’ve worked in a variety of creative fields, from running an esoteric store to writing books.
Then motherhood arrived, and I found myself painting murals again—this time for my daughter’s nursery.

But in December 2022, I thought it was time to return to my origins in art and pattern design. Now, I’m all about bringing color and inspiration into your home and your life. Follow me on Instagram to see my colorful world!

My portfolio reflects a wide variety of designs, colors, and even styles
because I love experimenting with different elements, color palettes, and both analog and digital media.

Creating a WOW!
effect in each product

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