wishes of the heart
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How far would you be able to go for a love that does not correspond to you?

Wishes of the Heart. Romance Novel +18

Life gives Ellie Griffin a second chance; a dreamy girl, who decided to believe the love promises of the wrong man. And this second chance forces her to have a close relationship with Dr. Sean Norton; a man who is not at all attractive to her and who has tried to conquer her without success.

Ellie knows how to admit that Sean is persevering, but she is not interested.

She has a big wound to heal and doesn’t feel like messing things up anymore. However, Sean, who will never give up, devises a master plan to stay with Ellie and teach her what real love is like and how she deserves to be loved.

Will Ellie manage to open her eyes and realize that Sean is that «perfect» man she always dreamed of?

Will he be able to decipher what are the true desires that her heart harbors?

Wishes of the Heart - Look Inside:

Self-concluding but related novels cataloged in order of publication - Wishes Fulfilled Series - Contemporary Romance +18

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Make a Wish

Libro I

wishes of the heart

Wishes of the Heart

Libro II

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Between Desire and Love

Libro III

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