The Windy City by Stefania Gil

    What will happen when Uryan and Evelyn find again?

    The Windy City – Archangelos Series IV +18

    Evelyn is a special woman. She has a gift given by her ancestors by which she could see the man that would be the love of her life and she promised herself that when that man arrived, she would leave everything behind to be happy by his side. What she had never imagined is that she would meet him at her bachelorette party and that, after caling off the wedding, that man would forsake her.

    Uryan is desperate, he’s running out of time to find Jev and he knows that the only person that can help him is that woman he forsook for being a fool.

    Three years have passed since then and many things might have changed.

    What will happen when Uryan and Evelyn find again?

    Evelyn carried a girl who smiled playfully at everyone present. To Uryan’s surprise, the girl also looked at the street with curiosity. But the girl had been more direct. She stared at the exact point where Uryan was hiding.

    No. No. No. And a thousand times, no!

    He had definitely lost the woman he loved. He was an idiot.
    Evelyn was living her life with a man who seemed to make her happy and they had a daughter.
    Uryan felt as if he had been kicked in the stomach.
    He needed to take in some air.
    Uryan started to run in the opposite direction so that he would not be seen. He wanted to escape as soon as possible from that place and from the reality that suffocated him.

    He wanted to escape from himself.

    He couldn’t stand the idea that he had lost the only woman he had loved in all of his existence because he had been afraid of not being able to stand by her side all the time.
    What an idiot he had been!
    Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.
    He told himself a thousand times.
    His cheeks were wet. He was crying. Uryan had never cried before and the situation which had taken his breath away for a while was getting more intense. The tears poured uncontrollably from his eyes.

    Uryan ran until he was in an isolated place far from the city and let all his feelings come out.
    Fear, rage, remorse, sorrow. Rage. Fury. Rage.
    He exploded.

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