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The Melody of Love – Collins Sisters Trilogy II – Romance Novel +18

A story full of passion and love…

Eve Collins is an independent woman, a little impulsive, and her eternal struggle for women’s rights keeps moving further away from its original concept, which intimidates all men who approach her. She is the public relations assistant of the Fashion View magazine, and, in addition, the person in charge of all those involved in the campaign «Be Yourself», among them Liam Woods, the vocalist and lead guitarrist of X69, one of the most famous bands in the country which has lately been on everyone’s lips due to Liam’s imprudent behaviour with alcohol and women.

Eve will have to set the vocalist’s behaviour straight and clean up the name of the band, however, in this process, she will learn some things that may change her own destiny and, why not, bond her and Liam together.

The Melody of Love by Stefania Gil

“I’m making you nervous.” He winked at Eve. “You know that I like to have sex with my fans.”
And the women who didn’t dream about having sex with him were complete fools.
Her cheeks blushed.
“Yes, Liam. I’m a fan,” Eve answered nervously, “but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to have sex with you.”
Liam sighed.
“What a shame. We would have such a great time together.”
Eve burst out laughing, and Liam could see how she recovered the impetus she had when she dragged him into the dressing room.
“Well, I wouldn’t have a great time with a man slut like you. You use women as if they were sex objects and …”
Liam interrupted her at once. No lectures. She might have a good ass, but he hated being lectured, and he hated women who were always saying that men treated them as sex objects.
“Listen, pretty. Please leave, now.”
Her ears turned red.
Eve approached him.
“Call me pretty in that scornful fashion again, and you’ll have to visit your dentist urgently,” Eve grumbled.
Liam burst out laughing and that irritated Eve even more.
“I’m sure you are like those damn chihuahuas that go around growling and don’t do anything because…”

Liam didn’t finish talking because Eve’s fist landed on his nose.

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The Melody of Love

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