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The Curves of Love – Collins Trilogy I – Romance Novel+18

A story full of passion with a curvy girl and her sexy personal trainer…

As a teenager, Cameron Collins dreamed of becoming a top fashion model and walking down prestigious fashion catwalks.

She seemed to have it all, astounding beauty, stature, plus being blessed with unique sensual body curves.  Nonetheless, the fashion industry rejected her and labeled her as  «fat.»

Dejected, Cam became an introverted, insecure woman, who dipped into an unhealthy spiral of eating, not exercising, and gaining weight.

But she found refuge in her business, a successful tattoo studio.  And she resigned herself into quelling her anxieties by eating chocolate.

Then, at age 30, fate blesses Cam with a golden opportunity to once again walk modeling runways.

She met Keith who is a comely personal trainer, nationally renown for helping people lose weight and maintain healthy life styles with sound eating habits.

He is a persevering, practical man with an almost innate ability to get people to follow his advice and give in to his every wish.

Keith grew up in a family where sports are as sacred as family or food.

Had it not been by an injury he suffered during the final game of the football season in College, Keith would have had a prosperous career in the NFL.

The injury led him to become a renowned trainer with his own system of exercises and nutrition diets.

Due to his professional success, he was chosen for the important task of giving Cameron the desire to fight for her life-long dream and most importantly, love the person she has become.

Will he be able to teach Cameron that there are other ways to calm anxieties besides eating chocolate? Will Cameron be able to teach Keith that you must fight for what you love? Or will both receive a life-changing lesson?

The curves of love by stefania gil

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The Curves of Love

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