The City That Never Sleeps by Stefania Gil

    They feel an instant attraction.

    The City That Never Sleeps – Archangelos Series II +18

    Nicole is the owner of the store Healing Herbs. She is a dreamer and faithful believer in love at first sight.

    Ralph visits New York for a second time with the intention of visiting the store Healing Herbs that is located near Central Park.

    Ralph admires people who don’t rely on scientific advances but who believe in the healing power of plants.

    Everything changes when Ralph and Nicole meet.

    They feel an instant attraction.

    But, what will happen when Nicole finds out that it was Ralph who taught her great-grandmother the healing power of plants.

    “Why have you returned?” Nicole asked him while she crossed her arms. “A while ago you came here and ran out without saying a word.”
    Ralph thought that he wanted to kiss her right there and then. Her voluptuous lips were tempting him. Instead, he smiled mischievously at her.
    Ralph made a huge effort to control himself. He wasn’t impulsive and couldn’t understand the emotions he felt when he was before this woman. “How is it that you remember me?”
    “I’ve never had a customer enter the store as you did. I could have sworn that you had seen a ghost or that someone was chasing you. You were pale and sweating profusely.” Nicole smiled. “Now can you tell me why you returned?”

    “You made me return,” Ralph informed her. He looked at her like a hunter stalking its prey.

    Nicole blushed and couldn’t speak.

    Ralph smiled.

    “I’m sorry if I’m being too direct.” Ralph motioned towards the teapot. “Can I have a bit more tea?”
    “Just be careful. It’s like a truth serum.”
    “I don’t doubt that. You prepare it very well.” He winked at Nicole.

    Nicole wondered who this enchanting man was. She felt an immense curiosity to know more about him.
    Ralph thought it was strange that someone would tell him about the tea with such confidence. Especially, since it was one of his family recipes.

    The City That Never Sleeps - Look Inside:

    Archangelos Series - Paranormal Romance


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