The City of Light’s by Stefania Gil

    Life takes many turns and when we least expect it, we get a surprise.

    The City of Light’s – Archangelos Series III +18

    Aimée was convinced that she would be cursed in love until she opened the padlock she had placed with Laurent on the Bridge of the Arts.

    Which would never happen, because the key of the padlock lay placidly in the depths of the Seine.

    When she had time, Aimee went to the bridge and sat in front of the lock to see if by the grace of some divine power, the padlock would open.

    And that’s how she met Gabriel, who was in town enjoying his annual vacation.

    He was disappointed that the girl he had liked on a dating website had stood him up. He’d been captivated with the photograph of the girl and had thought she could be the love of his life.

    But life takes many turns and when we least expect it, we get a surprise.

    What will the girl on the dating page and Aimee have in common?

    Will Gabriel be able to help Aimée break the curse of the lock?

    She closed her eyes, leaned against the bar, and took a deep breath.
    Gabe looked at her and saw she was really beautiful. Her hair was black as night. It was long and it fell to her waist. Her cheeks were slightly pink. Her mouth must look very beautiful without the bright red lipstick that she wore. The same would be true if the thick black eyeliner that was around her eyes was removed. The eyeliner destroyed the almond shape of her eyes. The color of her eyes was so clear, that with that makeup, she looked like one of the undead vampires that Gabe had seen on TV.
    Gabe closed his eyes and imagined the girl without makeup and dressed differently.
    Immediately, the image that popped into his head was the profile picture of the girl on the dating website.
    It can’t be! Gabe opened his eyes and found her watching him. She no longer looked defiant. Her gaze was serene and it could be said that she even looked at him with shame.

    It was her. He remembered the look that had captivated him from the photo.

    “You figured out who I am, didn’t you?»

    Gabe nodded and kept looking at her in astonishment.
    He took his cell phone from his pants pocket and looked at the photograph he had seen of her. He showed it to her, “What happened to you?»
    Aimée knew that the dating website hadn’t been the best idea and what was worse. She hadn’t checked that her profile was closed after she had made the request.
    Aimée poured herself another drink.

    “You want another?” she asked Gabriel. Gabe shook his head in denial. «What happened to me? That’s a long story.

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