Find out the ending of this great paranormal romance series.

Jev feels completely lost.

He didn’t care anymore. He had lost Lilith, and that meant that the real reason for his existence had vanished. He acted on his emotions and left it all. He surrendered to a life of temptations and human needs. He didn’t even mind having run into Meth and being sharing a room with him. He knew that wasn’t the most appropiate thing to do, but who cared.

Meanwhile, Mike, Uryan, Gabe and Ralph hope that their boss’ situation isn’t that critical so that they can soon go back home and restore the natural order of things. But when they arrive at the place and just when Mike is thinking that things can’t get any worse, they find out that Meth is the one in charge of keeping Jev safe. Yes, the same Meth that was considered a traitor.

Lilith can’t wait to have Jev in front of her and tell him how much she loves him, but she knows that before arriving to that point, Jev must fall into a deep pit and learn from the intense pain he has in his chest in order not to repeat the same story: refusing to love again for fear of what could happen to humanity.

Will Jev and Lilith have a happy ending this time?

Who is Meth and what will happen during his encounter with Mike?

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