A Future Next to You by Stefania Gil

Francisco Requena has not had an easy existence. He has had to live more than four hundred years as a wanderer so no one discovers his condition. He is tired of having to hide and flee. He longs for his family and contact with another human being. Above all, his Seguir leyendo

The City of Angels by Stefania Gil

Find out the ending of this great paranormal romance series. Jev feels completely lost. He didn’t care anymore. He had lost Lilith, and that meant that the real reason for his existence had vanished. He acted on his emotions and left it all. He surrendered to a life of temptations Seguir leyendo

The Windy City by Stefania Gil

What will happen when Uryan and Evelyn find again? Evelyn is a special woman. She has a gift given by her ancestors by which she could see the man that would be the love of her life and she promised herself that when that man arrived, she would leave everything Seguir leyendo

The City of Light’s by Stefania Gil

Life takes many turns and when we least expect it, we get a surprise. Aimée was convinced that she would be cursed in love until she opened the padlock she had placed with Laurent on the Bridge of the Arts. Which would never happen, because the key of the padlock Seguir leyendo