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Mission Extermination by Stefania Gil

mission extermination

Will Madison survive? Mission Extermination – Division of Special Abilities III – Paranormal Romance Novel +18 On an ordinary morning, several New York schools are seized by the same group that, years earlier, blew up a shopping mall in New Orleans on the busiest day of the year. The lives Seguir leyendo

Cursed Contact

cursed contact stefania gil

Imagine that one day, you think you’re in a dream where you’re the killer and you’re stopped by the police right when the victim’s life is hanging by a thread, and all the evidence points to you. Imagine that, as they arrest you and you’re overcome with fear, you want Seguir leyendo

The Origin by Stefania Gil

the origin

A murder had reunited them. It had allowed them to reconnect to the life that had always belonged to them and they had refused to accept. The Origin – Division of Special Abilities I – Paranormal Romance Novel +18 Valerie Sanders is murdered while Jack Lambert peacefully sleeps off a Seguir leyendo

A Future Next to You by Stefania Gil

A Future Next to You by Stefania Gil

Francisco Requena has not had an easy existence. A Future Next To You – The Alcalá Orange Groove II – Paranormal Romance Novel +18 Francisco has had to live more than four hundred years as a wanderer so no one discovers his condition. He is tired of having to hide Seguir leyendo

A Coffee to the Past by Stefania Gil

A coffee to the past by Stefania Gil

I invite you to enjoy a cup coffee and discover the secrets of this story… A Coffee to the Past – The Acalá Orange Groove I Paranormal Romance Novel +18 Carlota and Isabel are the heirs to the Alcalá Orange Grove, an old and very poor estate located on the Seguir leyendo