Las cartas amarillas entre Liv y Thomas

cartas amarillas de miriam meza

Hace unas semanas, Miriam Meza anunciaba que estaba organizando una Lectura conjunta de su libro Cartas amarillas junto a Joe, la persona que está detrás de la cuenta literaria Piles of Pages en Instagram ( @piles_of_pages ) y supe que era el momento de ponerme seria y leer un libro Seguir leyendo

Cursed Contact

Cursed Contact – Division of Special Abilities II – Paranormal Romance Novel +18 Imagine that one day, you think you’re in a dream where you’re the killer and you’re stopped by the police right when the victim’s life is hanging by a thread, and all the evidence points to you. Seguir leyendo

Echoes of the Past

Echoes of the Past – Romantic Thriller+18 One hot summer night in 1989, Vivian Wright left her three-year-old daughter lying in her bed with her inseparable bunny. Neither of them knew that that night would be the last that Vivian would see her daughter and the last night that Hailey would Seguir leyendo

The Curves of Love by Stefania Gil

The Curves of Love – Collins Trilogy I – Romance Novel+18 A story full of passion with a curvy girl and her sexy personal trainer… As a teenager, Cameron Collins dreamed of becoming a top fashion model and walking down prestigious fashion catwalks. She seemed to have it all, astounding Seguir leyendo