Make a Wish

make a wish

Leah and Jonathan were really in love… Make a Wish – A Novella – Contemporary Romance +18 One day, though, when Leah got home after a long day, she found that Jonathan and his whole family had left without explaining a thing. All they left was an empty space full Seguir leyendo

The Melody of Love by Stefania Gil

The Melody of Love by Stefania Gil

A story full of passion and love… The Melody of Love – Collins Sisters Series II – Romance Novel +18 Eve Collins is an independent woman, a little impulsive, and her eternal struggle for women’s rights keeps moving further away from its original concept, which intimidates all men who approach Seguir leyendo

The Curves of Love by Stefania Gil

The curves of love by stefania gil

A story full of passion with a curvy girl and her sexy personal trainer… The Curves of Love – Collins Sisters Series – Romance Novel+18 As a teenager, Cameron Collins dreamed of becoming a top fashion model and walking down prestigious fashion catwalks. She seemed to have it all, astounding beauty, Seguir leyendo

The City That Never Sleeps by Stefania Gil


They feel an instant attraction. The City That Never Sleeps – Archangelos Series II +18 Nicole is the owner of the store Healing Herbs. She is a dreamer and faithful believer in love at first sight. Ralph visits New York for a second time with the intention of visiting the Seguir leyendo

The City of Angels by Stefania Gil


Find out the ending of this great paranormal romance series. The City of Angels – Archangelos Series V +18 Jev feels completely lost. He didn’t care anymore. He had lost Lilith, and that meant that the real reason for his existence had vanished. He acted on his emotions and left Seguir leyendo