Make a Wish

make a wish

Leah and Jonathan were really in love… Make a Wish – A Novella – Contemporary Romance +18 One day, though, when Leah got home after a long day, she found that Jonathan and his whole family had left without explaining a thing. All they left was an empty space full Seguir leyendo

Reconnected and Back in Love

Reconnected and Back in Love

They promised not to maintain contact and to leave the relationship that would mark them both forever in the hands of fate. Reconnected and Back in Love – Contemporary Romance Novel +18 Davina Olson and Emerick Eldridge meet at a summer camp in Yellowstone where the days passed between laughter, kisses, Seguir leyendo

I won’t Let you Go by Stefania Gil

I Won't Let You Go

What awaits Elena and Calvin? I Won’t Let You Go – Romance Novel +18 Calvin and Bridget are engaged; however, they don’t portray the happiness of a couple planning their future wedding. And although they are convinced they are meant for each other and feel confident of the love they Seguir leyendo

Perfect Disaster by Stefania Gil

perfect disaster

Do you think society is unfair on women? Do you think it is fair that a woman raising her children alone is branded a bad mother for one thing or another, while a man raising his children alone evokes sympathetic looks and words of support and encouragement? Perfect Disaster. Romance Seguir leyendo