Make a Wish

make a wish

Leah and Jonathan were really in love… Make a Wish – A Novella – Contemporary Romance +18 One day, though, when Leah got home after a long day, she found that Jonathan and his whole family had left without explaining a thing. All they left was an empty space full Seguir leyendo

Echoes of the Past

echoes of the past

Are you ready to live the anguish with Maggie Jones? Echoes of the Past – Romantic Thriller+18 One hot summer night in 1989, Vivian Wright left her three-year-old daughter lying in her bed with her inseparable bunny. Neither of them knew that that night would be the last that Vivian would Seguir leyendo

The Origin by Stefania Gil

the origin

A murder had reunited them. It had allowed them to reconnect to the life that had always belonged to them and they had refused to accept. The Origin – Division of Special Abilities I – Paranormal Romance Novel +18 Valerie Sanders is murdered while Jack Lambert peacefully sleeps off a Seguir leyendo

The Melody of Love by Stefania Gil

The Melody of Love by Stefania Gil

A story full of passion and love… The Melody of Love – Collins Sisters Series II – Romance Novel +18 Eve Collins is an independent woman, a little impulsive, and her eternal struggle for women’s rights keeps moving further away from its original concept, which intimidates all men who approach Seguir leyendo

A Future Next to You by Stefania Gil

A Future Next to You by Stefania Gil

Francisco Requena has not had an easy existence. A Future Next To You – The Alcalá Orange Groove II – Paranormal Romance Novel +18 Francisco has had to live more than four hundred years as a wanderer so no one discovers his condition. He is tired of having to hide Seguir leyendo