Perfect Disaster by Stefania Gil

    Do you think society is unfair on women? Do you think it is fair that a woman raising her children alone is branded a bad mother for one thing or another, while a man raising his children alone evokes sympathetic looks and words of support and encouragement?

    Perfect Disaster. Romance Novel + 18

    Yes, Alexis knows how unfair society is, because day after day life makes sure to let her know. And if not, there’s always Bethany Malone to remind her that as a mother and woman, she’s a disaster.

    But Alexis shrugs off the comments of others —for the most part. As long as her children have food on the table, a roof over their heads, and her; especially her, to give them the love that only a mother knows how to give.

    As for Henry, he’s a widower, whose wife’s sudden death coupled with his daughter’s looming adolescence isn’t making life easy for him. Fortunately, he doesn’t want for help although he’s not amused by the pity shown him and the way that, being a man, he’s considered to be useless both in the home and in raising his daughter.

    What will happen when Henry and Alexis cross paths and discover that they can support each other as a team, even when their lives are so different?

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