My Last: Yes I do by Stefania Gil

    A nice, funny and sweet story of love.

    My Last: Yes I do –  Romance Novel +18

    Jen Campbell is convinced that love is not made for her.

    Not after being deceived in the same manner in both of her marriages.

    So, for her, it’s more fun and less complicated to have «casual friends» and to concentrate all her energy on her florist shop and the bakery she opened with her best friend and two fabulous women.

    Of course, all that seemed to work wonders for Jen until, James Bracco, appeared in her life with his charming smile and the patience necessary to make her believe in love again.


    Will he succeed?

    Will James’s patience be so durable as to withstand Jen’s insults?

    “Jen,” Carl said, moving closer, “I’m glad you’re here.”
    The idiot peeked to see if his stupid little woman was at her desk or not.
    “I imagine, she’s still sitting there,” I said, staring him in the eye,
    The idiot didn’t know how to answer.
    What was he going to say? It’s not what you think, Jen!
    “It’s not what you think, honey.”
    I had to admit Carl was good at something … being a perfect jerk.
    I became Mr. Hyde.
    I saw a hammer resting on a toolbox.
    I went straight to it, picking it. I unwrapped the diamond bracelet.

    I placed it on Carl’s desk-which might be worth as much as the bracelet-and unloaded all my anger by smashing the bracelet and the wood desk.

    Carl stood paralyzed.
    When I finished unloading my fury, I replaced the hammer, adjusted my suit, and before leaving the office, I noticed a blond haired, blue-eyed, very handsome man, looking at me with a funny smile on his lips.
    He wore a construction hard hat.
    I assumed he was in charge of the remodeling.

    “Thank you so much for allowing me to use your hammer,” I said as calmly as if I had borrowed his pen to take notes.

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