Mission Extermination by Stefania Gil

mission extermination
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Will Madison survive?

Mission Extermination – Division of Special Abilities III –

Paranormal Romance Novel +18

On an ordinary morning, several New York schools are seized by the same group that, years earlier, blew up a shopping mall in New Orleans on the busiest day of the year. The lives of hundreds of children are in danger. Many of them are different; monsters whom Dominic Lane wants to destroy.

He has felt a profound hate towards ‘different’ humans since Skylar left him to take the blame for his best friend’s murder.

He’s not going to let the FBI continue with their foolish plan of recruiting those monsters and helping them live with their differences, using them to, according to them, do good in society.

He knows there’s no good in those things.

And he’s convinced the government will give in to his demands allowing him to carry out his plan of extermination.

Starting with the monster he has within his reach: Agent-in-training Madison Sullivan.

Will he achieve his goal?

Mission Extermination - DSA III - Look Inside:

Complete Trilogy - Division of Special Abilities - Romance & Superpowers +18

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