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I’ll Always Love You, Romance Novel +18

A beautiful romance novel about true love and second chances…

Holly’s husband dies in a traffic accident the same day they celebrated their twentieth wedding anniversary. Heartbroken due to not being able to say goodbye to Sam, she decides to prepare a special funeral to honor his life. Unexpectedly, thanks to the strength of the love uniting them, they will have another opportunity to see each other.

Holly believes Sam’s visiting spirit will be the support she needs to continue with her life, find a job and fulfill all her newly appointed financial responsibilities.  She must do it for her children and for herself.

A series of important events in her life will show her with self-confidence and a desire to excel, she can achieve everything she wants.  Among these events, she meets Steve, whom she sees more often than she would like.

Moved by jealousy, Sam’s spirit begins to behave strangely, causing Holly to wonder if she is really doing the right thing by keeping her husband’s spirit with her.

Will Holly be able to finally say goodbye to Sam? Will she be able to open up again to love giving Steve a chance?

I'll always Love You by Stefania Gil

“Let me take you out, Holly.”
“Steve, I—” I wanted to say no, but my damn mouth seemed to have taken on a life of its own and would not let me finish, “the truth is—” “I’m sorry, but—”
My hands began to tremble.
“Are you cold?”
Steve moved a little closer to me wrapping his arm around my shoulders to warm me up. He wasn’t cold. Damn it! I was shaking from being so nervous by having him so close and watching Sam’s reaction.
Sam looked like a pressure cooker about to explode at any moment and that scared me seeing as I didn’t know what could happen.
Steve kissed the top of my head.
It felt so good. He smelled sweet. His skin was soft. His hands, when they rubbed my skin, sent small electric shocks all over my body.
After considerably fighting destiny, I gave up and placed my head on his chest.

There it was. The beating of his heart. I could hear it. I could feel Steve’s body heat invading my body. That physical contact I appreciated like someone who had been lost in the desert for days and finally, when is about to die of dehydration, finds water.

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I’ll Always Love You

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