Cursed Contact

    Imagine that one day, you think you’re in a dream where you’re the killer and you’re stopped by the police right when the victim’s life is hanging by a thread, and all the evidence points to you. Imagine that, as they arrest you and you’re overcome with fear, you want to wake up but you can’t, because you’re not in a dream. You’re living it all in real time.

    Cursed Contact – Division of Special Abilities II

    Paranormal Romance Novel +18

    From a very young age Dakota Grant understood that she had abilities distinguishing her from other people, making her the perfect target for rejection for being ‘different’.

    But Dakota uses this rejection to become stronger and reach the important position of Special Agent that she always dreamed of. She knew her entrance in the FBI could help her find more people like herself, with significant differences that made them special. She couldn’t be the only one, and she was convinced that once she found them, she would find a way for those different ones to save the world from evil.

    And everything seemed to be working out until Zaccaria Romano, one of the external consultants on her new team, starts to live between dreams and reality, committing acts that soon make him the most wanted killer in recent months.

    Will Dakota be able to get to the bottom of what’s going on?

    Will Zaccaria return to normal, free of all blame?

    Cursed Contact - DSA II Look Inside:

    Complete Trilogy - Division of Special Abilities - Romance & Superpowers +18

    the origin

    The Origin

    Book I

    mission extermination

    Mission Extermination

    Book III

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