City of Sin by Stefania Gil

    'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' or maybe not...

    City of Sin – Archangelos Series I +18 – Second Edition

    Mike is an enigmatic man who comes to Las Vegas to enjoy the only 48 hours of vacation he has each year.

    Luck will be on his side, allowing him to win a great prize in the slots at the Bellagio Hotel and putting Cristine in his path, the woman who will make him experience new feelings.

    Will Mike be able to conquer her even after she discovers his biggest secret?

    “We have something on the screen”

    Cristine was reviewing a few documents, which she left on her desk, took a sip from her coffee cup and walked out of her office. When she reached the largest screen that was on one of the walls, she smiled staring at the image in front of her.

    It was a man who had his arms raised with a note between his hands, which, with a very confusing handwriting, said:

    «Please, have dinner with me Cristine»

    The scene that her entire team was contemplating embarrassed her. She looked at the watch and saw that she could take a break for a couple of hours. She would take her mobile and radio transmitter should there be any serious problem with the security of the casino. She listened to the guard, who had notified her of the scene, communicating with the guards who were on the outside so they could stop a man who was blocking camera number 11.


    “Leave it, Bob” said Cristine smiling, “I can take care of this one” She left and headed to the casino, where she found Mike wobbling between two of her guards.

    “Mr. Peters” Cristine said to Mike, “Are you aware that you are blocking one of our cameras and that we can press charges?”

    “I don’t give a damn about charges are you having dinner with me?” Cristine smiled. She could not go to dinner with Mike, not for lack of time, he could barely stand, and would be reckless to take him to the restaurant in that state. It would affect the image of the hotel and hers for that matter.

    “I have a better idea, Mike,” said and then she laughed to see the expression of surprise on Mike’s face. “Please help me get him to his room” she ordered the guards.

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