Cursed Contact

Cursed Contact – Division of Special Abilities II – Paranormal Romance Novel +18 Imagine that one day, you think you’re in a dream where you’re the killer and you’re stopped by the police right when the victim’s life is hanging by a thread, and all the evidence points to you. Seguir leyendo

Echoes of the Past

Echoes of the Past – Romantic Thriller+18 One hot summer night in 1989, Vivian Wright left her three-year-old daughter lying in her bed with her inseparable bunny. Neither of them knew that that night would be the last that Vivian would see her daughter and the last night that Hailey would Seguir leyendo

Perfect Disaster by Stefania Gil

Perfect Disaster. Romance Novel + 18 Do you think society is unfair on women? Do you think it is fair that a woman raising her children alone is branded a bad mother for one thing or another, while a man raising his children alone evokes sympathetic looks and words of Seguir leyendo

Misión Exterminio – DHE3

La vida de Madison está en peligro y cada segundo cuenta. Misión Exterminio – División de Habilidades  Especiales 3, Novela de suspenso paranormal. Una mañana cualquiera, varias escuelas de Nueva York son tomadas por el mismo grupo que, años antes, hizo volar un centro comercial de Nueva Orleans en el Seguir leyendo