Contemporary Romance +18

Self-concluding but related novels. It is better to read them in order

Leah and Jonathan were really in love…
One day, though, when Leah got home after a long day, she found that Jonathan and his whole family had left without explaining a thing.

All they left was an empty space full of questions that remained unanswered and a despair that appeared to want to accompany her all her life.

She decided to move to the Big Apple, assuming the city would allow her to start over.

But no. Every year, around the same time everything had happened, Leah relived every moment of her suffering.

As the years went by, she understood that she wouldn’t be able to find happiness anywhere and she decided to go back to Arlington with her family. Her best friend Ellie, who she had known since they were babies, suggested they set up in business together. She also realizes that Ellie wants to hitch her up with her older brother, Ryan.

It was when she was packing up to move that she had an accident that provided the vision she had been seeking for so long. For a brief moment she saw her love, after so many years. She recognized him and then, in the blink of an eye, she lost him again.

Was it Leah’s imagination, tricked by love, that was showing her an image of Jonathan?
Would she have to resign herself to never finding answers and give in to Ryan’s offers to be happy?

Or was she right, and her beloved Jonathan was coming back to her after all those years to return to what fate had forced them to interrupt many years beforehand?

Life gives Ellie Griffin a second chance; a dreamy girl, who decided to believe the love promises of the wrong man. And this second chance forces her to have a close relationship with Dr. Sean Norton; a man who is not at all attractive to her and who has tried to conquer her without success.

Ellie knows how to admit that Sean is persevering, but she is not interested.
She has a big wound to heal and doesn’t feel like messing things up anymore. However, Sean, who will never give up, devises a master plan to stay with Ellie and teach her what real love is like and how she deserves to be loved.

Will Ellie manage to open her eyes and realize that Sean is that «perfect» man she always dreamed of?

Will he be able to decipher what are the true desires that her heart harbors?

Ryan Griffin is a handsome man that agrees to have Vanessa at his side because he doesn´t want to be alone.

He is afraid of loneliness and that is why he can stand any manipulation from the woman, that most want to take off him.
What the rest don´t know is that Vanessa is his comfort zone. For Ryan, to come near an unknown girl and make that first step to know her represents a great stress. He was thankful that life had made him handsome so girls could come the easy way to him, and he would accept them not being very exigent.

On the other hand, Courtney Moore is a woman that knows very well how to go hunting and knows perfectly well her type of prey that she likes to have in her bed; one that would want commitments, nor ties because she assures being happy in the loneliness of her home.

As life always makes its strategic plays, places these two characters in the same city, united them in certain coincidences that would take them directly to unchained a wild passion between them, making them notice that solitude is not a good advisor and that passion and desire ca always be a path to love.

Could they find happiness together?

About me…

I am a Spanish indie writer with more than 30 self-published books and more than 45,000 copies sold.
I write Romance fiction books: Contemporary, Paranormal and Thriller. Some of my books in Spanish have been translated into English, Italian and Portuguese.
In 2017, in the city of Malaga, Spain (declared Indie literature capital #mesindie), I participated as speaker at a roundtable organized by Amazon KDP Spain, celebreating the month of Self publishing.
I love to read, eat, dance and drink coffee—a lot!—I also love everything that is beyond what we cannot see: mystical and paranormal things. Maybe that’s what made me to study: Tarot, Wicca, High Magic and Reiki.
Now, I live in Malaga—a very short distance from the sea, which is great—I live with my husband and daughter who are my support and inspiration to continue writing.

stefania gil