Contemporary Romance +18

Self-concluding but related novels. It is better to read them in order

As a teenager, Cameron Collins dreamed of becoming a top fashion model and walking down prestigious fashion catwalks. She seemed to have it all, astounding beauty, stature, plus being blessed with unique sensual body curves. Nonetheless, the fashion industry rejected her and labeled her as «fat.»

But she found refuge in her business, a successful tattoo studio. And she resigned herself into quelling her anxieties by eating chocolate.

Then, at age 30, fate blesses Cam with a golden opportunity to once again walk modeling runways.

She met Keith who is a comely personal trainer, nationally renown for helping people lose weight and maintain healthy life styles with sound eating habits.

Due to his professional success, he was chosen for the important task of giving Cameron the desire to fight for her life-long dream and most importantly, love the person she has become.

Will he be able to teach Cameron that there are other ways to calm anxieties besides eating chocolate?
Will Cameron be able to teach Keith that you must fight for what you love?
Or will both receive a life-changing lesson?

Eve Collins is an independent woman, a little impulsive, and her eternal struggle for women’s rights keeps moving further away from its original concept, which intimidates all men who approach her. She is the public relations assistant of the Fashion View magazine, and, in addition, the person in charge of all those involved in the campaign «Be Yourself», among them Liam Woods, the vocalist and lead guitarrist of X69, one of the most famous bands in the country which has lately been on everyone’s lips due to Liam’s imprudent behaviour with alcohol and women.

Eve will have to set the vocalist’s behaviour straight and clean up the name of the band, however, in this process, she will learn some things that may change her own destiny and, why not, bond her and Liam together.

About me…

I am a Spanish indie writer with more than 30 self-published books and more than 45,000 copies sold.
I write Romance fiction books: Contemporary, Paranormal and Thriller. Some of my books in Spanish have been translated into English, Italian and Portuguese.
In 2017, in the city of Malaga, Spain (declared Indie literature capital #mesindie), I participated as speaker at a roundtable organized by Amazon KDP Spain, celebreating the month of Self publishing.
I love to read, eat, dance and drink coffee—a lot!—I also love everything that is beyond what we cannot see: mystical and paranormal things. Maybe that’s what made me to study: Tarot, Wicca, High Magic and Reiki.
Now, I live in Malaga—a very short distance from the sea, which is great—I live with my husband and daughter who are my support and inspiration to continue writing.

stefania gil