Contemporary Romance +18

Self-concluding but related novels. It is better to read them in order

Alexandra Eldridge and Blake Olson met in Yellowstone while attending summer camp.

For thirty days—and nights—Blake and Alex become inseparable, creating a bond between them that will continue to unite them despite the distance that separates them and the fate that insists on showing them that it can play with them at will. They return to their lives losing all contact; leaving behind the experience of having had a unique vacation, an unforgettable romance, and not knowing if they will meet again in the future.

Baltashar Eldridge is a man who does not miss a thing and has a sharp eye for business, as well as detecting opportunists.
He can’t stand the idea of his little girl being involved with a man like Gary Lockwood and Alex refuses to listen to him because of a mistake he’s made in the past. He thinks he has no choice but to pray for a miracle, and that is when he discovers a past—embers still glowing—between his daughter and the new employee sent by his partner from San Francisco. Balthasar realizes that he has before him a perfect opportunity to stop his daughter’s wedding, which would be an utter catastrophe.

Blake Olson is the only card he has in play and he must use it well to fulfil his mission, even if it means his daughter will end up hating him forever.

Will Blake play Mr. Eldridge’s game to win Alex over? Will Alex be willing to relive her past with Blake?

Davina Olson and Emerick Eldridge meet at a summer camp in Yellowstone where the days passed between laughter, kisses, caresses and the most intimate moment they could experience at that stage of their lives.

But all good things end soon and their situation would be no exception. They promised not to maintain contact and to leave the relationship that would mark them both forever in the hands of fate.

To their surprise and as adults, fate reconnects them allowing them to let flow those feelings that they left frozen in time. Davina is a renowned photographer who travels the country in her caravan; while Emerick is the head of the gastronomy section of a major women’s magazine.

They both want to continue the best romance story of their lives, but Davina refuses to give up her freedom to be with Emerick and is unable to ask him to drop everything to follow her.

What will happen between them? Will they succeed in closing once and for all the distance that seems to insist on keeping them away?

Calvin and Bridget are engaged; however, they don’t portray the happiness of a couple planning their future wedding.

And although they are convinced they are meant for each other and feel confident of the love they have, everything seems to stumble when Bridget has to put some distance between them because of a «family» matter.

That distance, which seemed harmless and insignificant would be the key to understand that their true loves, are in other people who they had left behind many years ago. People who thought they had forgotten but, that really, they were just there, lingering in a corner of the heart waiting for the opportunity to let go of a memory that could revive the feeling even for a few seconds.
Neither one of the two was waiting to have the meeting with the past. Especially Calvin, that with each encounter with Elena, his father´s nurse, reminds him every moment of that girl who stole his heart one night and whom he could never forget.

Elena has just come back to the United States after leaving her mother´s ashes in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. And she is grateful that the Wagner family, once more, is helping her get ahead by getting her a good job opportunity to take care of Baltashar Eldridge´s health, a man she remembered very vaguely but in a good way, thanks to some summers the Eldridge family was on vacations at the Wagner house.

It seemed like an excellent idea to reunite with her childhood friends: Alex, Emerick; and her childhood platonic love: Calvin.

What do Elena and the girl who stole Calvin´s heart that summer in Santa Mónica have in common? Will Calvin become something else than just Elena´s platonic love?

Bridget Wagner and Roman Thompson

discovered the meaning of love when they were very young.

Bridget’s heart has only belonged to Roman since they were kids, even when their relationship was cut short when they were teenagers and they had to go on separate ways, she’s never stopped loving him and he dreams of having her in his arms for the rest of his life.

When they finally thought fate had given them a second change, sudden news make Roman’s fear surface, driving him to pick up old habits that will change the course of what seemed to be a perfect relationship, and at the same time will lead him to discover a very important truth about his past.

About me…

I am a Spanish indie writer with more than 30 self-published books and more than 45,000 copies sold.
I write Romance fiction books: Contemporary, Paranormal and Thriller. Some of my books in Spanish have been translated into English, Italian and Portuguese.
In 2017, in the city of Malaga, Spain (declared Indie literature capital #mesindie), I participated as speaker at a roundtable organized by Amazon KDP Spain, celebreating the month of Self publishing.
I love to read, eat, dance and drink coffee—a lot!—I also love everything that is beyond what we cannot see: mystical and paranormal things. Maybe that’s what made me to study: Tarot, Wicca, High Magic and Reiki.
Now, I live in Malaga—a very short distance from the sea, which is great—I live with my husband and daughter who are my support and inspiration to continue writing.

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