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I write the stories that I like to read. Stories that promote the existence of true love; the value of friendship and that inspire to make dreams come true. It doesn’t matter if it is a Contemporary, Paranormal or Suspense Romance.

Stefania Gil

Romantic fiction writer

What do you want to read?

My books are perfect to read on a weekend; stories that always end well because happy endings are necessary in the romance novel, no matter what subgenre it has: Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance or Romantic Suspense.

These romance books in English are available in ebook, Softcover, Hardcover and some of them are also available with Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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Contemporary Romance

Modern characters, real life situations and happy endings.

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Self-concluding but related novels

Collins Sisters Trilogy / Self-concluding but related novels

Wishes Fulfilled Series / Self-concluding but related novels

Perfect Loves Series. / Self-concluding but related novels

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Paranormal Romance

These stories have supernatural elements and fantasy characters.

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Alcalá Orange Groove / Bilogy

Division of Special Abilities / Trilogy

Archangelos Series

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Thriller / Suspense

Stories that are gripping.

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Standalone Novel

About me...

I am a Spanish indie writer with more than 30 self-published books and more than 45,000 copies sold. I write Romance fiction books: Contemporary, Paranormal and Thriller. Some of my books in Spanish have been translated into English, Italian and Portuguese. In 2017, in the city of Malaga, Spain (declared Indie literature capital #mesindie), I participated as speaker at a roundtable organized by Amazon KDP Spain, celebreating the month of Self publishing. I love to read, eat, dance and drink coffee—a lot!—I also love everything that is beyond what we cannot see: mystical and paranormal things. Maybe that's what made me to study: Tarot, Wicca, High Magic and Reiki. Now, I live in Malaga—a very short distance from the sea, which is great—I live with my husband and daughter who are my support and inspiration to continue writing.

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