Between Desire and Love by Stefania Gil

    Let yourself go by this Novel that is full of erotism, passion, and romance in the most beautiful time of the year.

    Between Desire and Love –  Romance Novel +18

    Ryan Griffin is a handsome man that agrees to have Vanessa at his side because he doesn´t want to be alone.

    He is afraid of loneliness and that is why he can stand any manipulation from the woman, that most want to take off him.

    What the rest don´t know is that Vanessa is his comfort zone. For Ryan, to come near an unknown girl and make that first step to know her represents a great stress. He was thankful that life had made him handsome so girls could come the easy way to him, and he would accept them not being very exigent. 

    On the other hand, Courtney Moore is a woman that knows very well how to go hunting and knows perfectly well her type of prey that she likes to have in her bed; one that would want commitments, nor ties because she assures being happy in the loneliness of her home.

    As life always makes its strategic plays, places these two characters in the same city, united them in certain coincidences that would take them directly to unchained a wild passion between them, making them notice that solitude is not a good advisor and that passion and desire ca always be a path to love.

    Could they find happiness together?

    Between Desire and Love - Look Inside:

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