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A Future Next To You – The Alcalá Orange Groove II – Paranormal Romance Novel +18

Francisco Requena has not had an easy existence.

He has had to live more than four hundred years as a wanderer so no one discovers his condition.

He is tired of having to hide and flee. He longs for his family and contact with another human being.

Above all, his loneliness begins to frustrate him.

His path is destined to cross with Natalia Castaneda, a charming lady with a unique personality and determination to fulfill her goals.

That same determination, is what will allow Francisco to find his brother; to end the secret society hunting him; and realize Natalia, is the woman who will return his life as he remembered, teaching him the meaning of true love.

A Future Next to You by Stefania Gil

Two hours later, Natalia was about to suffer a nervous breakdown when Francisco finally began to show signs of life. The night was so strange, so unreal, she never imagined things could get out of control and worse than they already were.

 She approached Francisco quickly.

“Francisco,” she touched his arm. All of a sudden she was flung against the wall, a searing pain slicing through her back and her air supply being cut off. He was choking her.

She opened her eyes abruptly to find Francisco in front of her with his pupils fully dilated. His nostrils flared brutally with each breath he took.

She wanted to say something to him, to beg him to let her go, but he had his big hand around her neck. Natalia was helpless and fragile. She watched Francisco transform from a man to a beast.

Then she remembered he was not a normal man.

What the hell was he?

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A Future Next To You

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