A Coffee to the Past by Stefania Gil

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    A Coffee to the Past – The Acalá Orange Groove I

    Paranormal Romance Novel +18

    Carlota and Isabel are the heirs to the Alcalá Orange Grove, an old and very poor estate located on the outskirts of Valencia.  Isabel intends to restore it after her sudden and painful break up with Luke.

    Carlota is hauled to the estate by her husband who wants to leave New York behind and devote himself to the country life. In addition, he believes the different surrounding will help with Carlota writer’s block.  The old ranch will be the perfect muse to help her write another Bestseller.

    It is not far from reality because, one night, Carlota and Isabel find a sarcophagus in the bowels of the property.

    Does the mysterious coffin have anything to do with the legends surrounding the estate?

    Is this secret capable of awakening Carlota’s muse?

    Can it teaching Isabel the true meaning of love?

    Isabel couldn’t stand the curiosity, and was emboldened to go to the basement. Just to the basement, she wouldn’t go to the other place alone. No. No way.

    The door gave a frightful squeak like those you hear only in horror movies a few seconds before something frightening appears on the screen.

    A chill ran down her body.

    “Damn humidity.” She said aloud as she descended the stairs.

    She thought of replacing them with a stone staircase. She hated the creak of old wood under her feet. The basement was barely lit by a lamp that Carlota left burning on her ramshackle desk, which, by the way, Isabel doubted could be repaired.

    She inspected it a little more closely.

    It had cracks in the wood that would be very difficult to restore. She ran her hand across it. Honestly, it would be a pity if she couldn’t restore it because, it was an old jewel and would look great in a writer’s study.

    Well, she’d see it better when they got it out of there tomorrow.

    A dry noise startled Isabel.

    Her heart began to almost throb out of her chest.

    She could swear she heard footsteps coming from the passage that connected the two rooms.

    There was another noise and then it sounded like a rat’s scream after it had been captured.

    She did not need anything else to run like she was crazy.

    A Coffee to the Past - Look Inside:

    The Alcalá Orange Groove - Bilogy - Paranormal Romance +18

    A coffee to the past by Stefania Gil

    A Coffee to the Past

    Book I

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