I invite you to enjoy a cup coffee and discover the secrets of this story…

Carlota and Isabel are the heirs to the Alcalá Orange Grove, an old and very poor estate located on the outskirts of Valencia.  Isabel intends to restore it after her sudden and painful break up with Luke.

Carlota is hauled to the estate by her husband who wants to leave New York behind and devote himself to the country life. In addition, he believes the different surrounding will help with Carlota writer’s block.  The old ranch will be the perfect muse to help her write another Bestseller.

It is not far from reality because, one night, Carlota and Isabel find a sarcophagus in the bowels of the property.

Does the mysterious coffin have anything to do with the legends surrounding the estate?

Is this secret capable of awakening Carlota’s muse?

Can it teaching Isabel the true meaning of love?

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